Every company claims to have a marketing strategy in place, but ask a business owner or CEO to explain his or her strategy to you, and chances are you'll get only a vague explanation--if you're lucky. In most cases, companies can't explain a marketing strategy because they don't have one. And even those that do don't always execute it well.

Relentless Marketing executes the tactical work to get its clients to their strategic goals. Whether it is high-level, strategic PR work or strategic alliance approaches to larger companies in the industry, Relentless Marketing identifies the key decision-makers, establishes contact and sees the dialogue through to successful completion.

Clients are also afforded the opportunity to participate at any level they desire. We also "tee up" conversations and opportunities for our clients with stellar results.

A frequent Relentless strategy is to position the CEO as a "Thought Leader" within the company's business sector. By booking TV appearances, obtaining high-exposure speaking engagements, getting articles written about the CEO and client company and placing CEO-written columns in leading newspapers and magazines. While it does take time, this strategy never fails provided the will and charisma are present in the client.

Another Relentless strategy that has proven itself consistently is the strategic alliance approach. Once the potential partners are identified, Relentless conducts an irresistible and intensive approach to targets. Ideally, a distribution and marketing alliance is followed by a strategic investment then by acquisition by the bigger partner company. One of the most fruitful aspects of this strategy can be including the competition in this activity.

Relentless Marketing is a strategic marketing firm in a world filled with marketing services, PR firms and consultants, few of whom can deliver.