Sometimes we all allow ourselves to become overly reliant on a particular strategy or way of doing things. There is a need in Marketing for a continuous questioning process to be applied to the conventional wisdom. Relentless Marketing provides this process which helps differentiate its clients with absolute relentlessness.

Unique Approach

Relentless Marketing distinguishes itself by working directly with the clients' CEO to shape an integrated plan for brand-building and marketing communications. RM is not, and never will be an "order-taker", so our clients expect Relentless Marketing "push back" on strategic direction.

As opposed to a traditional consultant perspective, we believe it is critically important to give the client real, forward-thinking advice and counsel, even if that means the client might initially disagree. We always invite spirited discussion.

Key Activities

We have a strategic marketing impact on business not through just an advice, but through a relentless implentation:

  • Establish or refine marketing vision, and then implement it.
  • Identify opportunities and coordinate Marketing, Advertising and PR activities.
  • Approach media with the company and founder stories.
  • Engage prospective corporate allies through to an agreement for distribution of client product, strategic investment and acquisition.

Our Strengths

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • "Relentlessly Getting Results"
  • Always seizing the initiative
  • Fervent follow up
  • Building corporate alliances, even with the competition, where appropriate
  • Executing "contrarian marketing" strategies that differentiate our clients' products, services and technologies.

Cost of Service

We provide our services at an affordable monthly retainer, we also share revenue, but only the ones we create. We guarantee client satisfaction and provide unsurpassed value particularly as compared to large PR firms, who don't integrate their PR results into a larger marketing strategy. For example, traditional PR firms such as Burson-Marsteller or Hill & Knowlton have been known to charge their clients $30,000 per month on retainer.

Next Steps

  • Agreement achieved
  • Client database built
  • Relentless Marketing Analysis performed
  • Marketing Strategy drafted and finalized
  • Tactical details identified
  • Plan execution
  • Client follow up.

And finally, please read a short quote from "Predatory Marketing" By C.Britt Beemer:

“Ask any business owner what their business needs most and chances are the response will be more effective "marketing/sales." Although, in fact this response may be a "perceived need," and the business may have an overriding need for financial controls or operational systems first, the general perception is that marketing is a universal need.”