Welcome to Relentless Marketing - the strategic marketing firm, founded by Bill Robinson. Relentless Marketing was created to fill the void that exists for most business owners in terms of swift, affordable and effective marketing services with a strategic focus. Here is what we do:

  • Establish or refine marketing vision, and then implement it.
  • Identify and coordinate Marketing, Advertising and PR activities.
  • Approach media with the "company story".
  • Position the company CEO as an industry expert, "Thought Leader" and a visionary within the company's business sector.
  • Engage prospective corporate allies through to an agreement.

We serve small, often high-tech businesses and help them grow exponentially. Our passion is wrapped around working with entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams and truly believe they can overcome anything.

In addition to serving his clients, Mr. Robinson has written for many top-ranking business publications such as Forbes, Fortune Small Business, Financial Times, Upside Magazine, The Register, Wall Street Journal Europe and many others. He has also appeared on CNN, PBS, Bloomberg and had his own segment on SKY News. The resulting intimate knowledge of the media allows us to instantly create client exposure to the print and broadcast media maximing impact of our marketing efforts. read more ...